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          瀏覽次數: 日期:2016-08-01

          Romax Technology Limited Recruitment information


          Application Engineer- Transmission

          Location: Beijing

          應用工程師- 傳動領域


          Key Responsibilities:主要職責:

          Maintain expert level of product knowledge and application.
          ? 在產品知識和應用方面保持專家級水平

          Articulate technology and product positioning to both business and technical users.
          ? 完整準確地向企業和技術用戶描述技術和產品定位

          Provide product information and specification development support to consultants, integrators, and distributors.
          ? 為咨詢人員、整機廠商和經銷商提供產品信息和規格開發支持

          Respond to functional and technical elements of requests for quotations from customers.
          ? 客戶詢價時,滿足他們對功能和技術的要求

          Listen, understand and convey customer requirements for the product development and the engineering service proposal.
          ? 傾聽、理解和傳達客戶對產品開發的要求,并據此對工程服務提出相關建議

          Perform technical/product training for sales people, and engineers at targeted accounts.
          ? 針對目標客戶,為銷售人員和工程師提供技術/產品培訓

          Market research on transmission technology trends.
          ? 對傳動技術的趨勢進行市場調查

          Maintain accurate records of target accounts, opportunities, quotes, projects, contacts and correspondence in company approved databases.
          ? 準確記錄目標客戶、機遇、報價、項目、聯系人和聯系方式并上傳至公司指定數據庫

          Travel and/or web demo to customer sites to preform start-up and training services.
          ? 拜訪客戶或通過網絡演示,為客戶提供項目啟動及培訓服務

          Resolve customer issues or difficulties in a manner that is consistent with the company mission, values, and financial objectives.
          ? 秉承公司宗旨、價值觀和財務目標,解決客戶的難題

          Maintain professional business relationships within target accounts.
          ? 維持與目標客戶的職業商業關系

          Provide status of ongoing projects and future projects.
          ? 提供正在進行及未來項目的進展

          Identify customer's needs and sales opportunities to help future growth
          ? 了解客戶的需求及銷售機會,推動未來發展

          Your Profile:崗位要求:

          3-5 years of experience in transmission industry, mechanical design or similarengineeringindustry;
          ? 在傳動行業、機械設計或類似工程領域擁有3-5年經驗

          Bachelor or above with major inautomotive or mechanical engineering;
          ? 汽車或機械工程專業本科以上學歷

          Familiar with transmission or gearbox design process;
          ? 熟知傳動或齒輪箱設計流程

          Familiar with gear standard such as ISO 6336, ISO 23509, and ISO 10300, bearing standard, such as ISO 128, ISO/TS 6281
          ? 熟悉 ISO 6336, ISO 23509和ISO 10300等齒輪標準和ISO 128, ISO/TS 6281等軸承標準

          Proficient in Microsoft, CAD and FE tools

          ? 精通Microsoft, CAD and FE軟件

          Understanding of RomaxDesigner is idea;
          ? 最好了解RomaxDesigner

          Strong communication, Interpersonal and organizational skills
          ? 較強的人際溝通與組織能力

          Fluent in English;
          ? 流利的英文表達

          Self-motivated with a high level of commitment;
          ? 勤奮上進

          Quick learner and stress releaser.
          ? 較強的學習和抗壓能力


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